Shutterstock’s 2020 colour trend report

Stock photography website Shutterstock has unveiled its 2020 colour trends report based on users’ image choices. The study, which examined billions of pixel data from image downloads, identified the closest hex code of each pixel. It just happens to be by coincidence that 2020’s trending colours resemble a sunset when placed together.

The most popular hues, based on analysis of year-over-year growth, are Lush Lava (#FF4500), Aqua Menthe (#7FFFD4) and Phantom Blue (#191970); all of these are intense colours predicted to help brands stand out from a visually-crowded world.

“As we look to 2020, the data shows a clear shift from the turbo-charged neons of 2019 to more elevated, bold, and saturated colours that command attention in a sophisticated way,” shared Lou Weiss, Chief Marketing Officer at Shutterstock.

An apt representation for the dawn of a new decade, Shutterstock has also revealed the top 2020 colour trends from 24 countries; these range from a mossy green in South Korea to a dark orchid in Brazil. Take a look at which colours are anticipated to shine bright in 2020 in the vivid infographics below. You can also view the full trend report here or take a look at what the colour authority Pantone has to say.

Infographic: Shutterstock's 2020 colour trend report

2020 colour trends

The fastest-growing colours

When it comes to colour, the idea that “more is more” is predicted to reign supreme in 2020. This will be exemplified in a shift from soft pastel colours, like lavenders and tans, to more sensational shades, including these three bold, saturated hues — Lush Lava, Aqua Menthe and Phantom Blue.

Lush Lava (#FF4500)

This 2020 colour trend is a bold and fiery orange-red that quickly catches the eye. The noticeably warm colour will help companies draw attention to their brand.

Aqua Menthe (#7FFFD4)

A vivid, cyan-tinged mint shade that is perfect for conveying a playful, modern, and outgoing brand personality.

Phantom Blue (#191970)

A rich navy with significant depth, mimicking a dramatic night sky — ideal for a more professional, mature brand look and feel.