KitKat reminds hobbyists to ‘Have A Break’ with DIY model kits

Nestlé snack brand KitKat continues to remind us to “Have a Break,” with their latest campaign directed at hobbyists. The company chose the small community of model makers, asking them to put down their tools and rewarding them with surprise breaks.

From RC cars to planes, trains, ships, and pop culture icons such as the Millennium Falcon, there are a variety of different scale model projects to cover all of your interests. For the campaign, however, KitKat’s digital agency Wunderman Thompson UK teamed up with Airfix models to create The KitKat Kit, an update to Airfix’s Supermarine Spitfire.

The KitKat Kit by Airfix

The special plastic kit comes with a KitKat bar attached on a 3D-printed plastic “sprue,” as well as the iconic “Have a Break” slogan built into the DIY set. There was an additional sweet touch on the instruction booklet (Step 38) telling the hobbyists exactly when to open the bag and enjoy their break.

Step 38 - Have a Break
KitKat DIY model kit

Having a hobby, such as model building, offers an opportunity to reduce stress and give you a break from other things in your life. Now, KitKat is giving us a break from our break. What are your thoughts on this interesting campaign? Share your comments below or on social media.