Nestlé unveils limited-edition KitKat sushi in Japan

Need a break? Have KitKat sushi. Celebrating the launch of a new specialty store in Tokyo, Nestlé chocolate brand KitKat has released limited-edition chocolate bars that looks like sushi. You can choose from three different bars that look like tuna, Tamago (egg) and uni sushi.

Limited-edition sushi chocolate bars

If you’re wondering about the taste, however, they only look like their real-life sushi counterparts. Instead of tasting like tuna, Tamago, and uni, they’re actually served on crispy rice instead of regular sushi rice. Raspberry and white chocolate represent the tuna; pumpkin pudding for Tamago; and Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese for the uni. Each KitKat sushi bar comes with a seaweed wrap — but you don’t have to eat that part.

Raspberry and white chocolate represent the tuna

The KitKat sushi will be part of a special serving at a shop in the Ginza district of Tokyo. And it’ll doubtlessly be tasted by plenty of chocolate connoisseurs since there are so many flavours over there. KitKat has long been famed for venturing into unusual territory in Japan. With wasabi, lemon vinegar and sake among the 300 varieties of the chocolate bars on sale there since the early 2000s.

Seaweed-wrapped KitKat sushi

Unfortunately, if you were looking to get your hands on them, they were only available at the KitKat store from February 2nd to 4th. No word on if they plan to add the KitKat sushi chocolates to their large list of varieties.