How to share your personal opinions on Facebook

Sharing your personal opinions on Facebook can be a great way to meet new people who disagree with you. It’s also a way for you to test your blood pressure limits and your faith in humanity.

All kidding aside, in a study conducted by The New York Times Customer Insight Group, it was discovered that there are five key reasons people decide to share something with others: to spread valuable and entertaining information with others; to define ourselves to others; to nourish relationships; self-fulfillment; and to get the word out about causes or brands.

You’re probably here for the self-fulfillment; I’m here to define myself to others. So, if you want to get the most out of sharing your opinions on Facebook, The Cooper Review is back with some humorous tips. Take a look at the infographic below and don’t forget to share it on Facebook.

Infographic: How to share your personal opinions on Facebook

Sharing your personal opinions

  1. Open Facebook and immediately read something that pisses you off. Then realize that it was written by a family member and let the horror sink in.
  2. Become even more infuriated by the painful grammar. Use Google to confirm that this is really as painfully incorrect as it seems.
  3. Decide to point out the mistake, only to end up misspelling everything yourself; feel ashamed.
  4. Scroll down and accidentally watch a horrifying video. Then consider mixing yourself a drink though it’s only 8am.
  5. Spend several minutes deciding if you should respond. Imagine want each of your friends, everyone in your family, and the guy in accounting will think.
  6. Craft the perfect response. Spend an hour checking sources to invalidate someone’s argument; search for that quote from Gandhi or MLK.
  7. Post it, then delete it, then repost it. Or delete it, regret deleting it, repost it, regret reposting it, stare at it.
  8. Get into an argument with a stranger. Yell at your computer; call your spouse or best friend and explain the situation in detail.
  9. Consider unfriending a family member. Decide to unfollow instead, so you can avoid the awkward conversation at Thanksgiving.
  10. Find yourself in an all-out comment war; realize that you haven’t been outside all day.
  11. See a post from a friend that perfectly describes how you feel. Like the post and feel justice has been served.