What does your social media pic say about you?

Can someone tell who you are by just looking at your picture? Leandra Medine of fashion blog Man Repeller thinks so–she’s created a funny post that reveals what your social media pic says about you.

Every picture of us sends out powerful nonverbal signals. The problem is most of us have no idea what our Facebook profile, Twitter picture, or dating headshot says about us. Check out some examples below and head over to her blog to view the entire collection. Are you guilty of any of them?

What does your social media pic say about you?

Here are three quick things you can do to improve the nonverbal cues in your pictures:

Don’t smirk

The first cardinal sin of the social media pic is the smirk. So many people make this mistake without even realizing it! Why is this so bad? The smirk is the universal facial expression for contempt, hatred and disdain. So if this is in your profile you are basically telling the world you don’t want people to connect with you!

Tilt your head

The head tilt is a universal gesture of engagement. It tells people you are warm and approachable.


Most people think that showing your teeth is smiling, but actually a true smile is one that reaches those upper cheek muscles. In your pictures make sure your smile reaches your eyes otherwise you come across as fake and inauthentic.