Get creative advice from 11 of the world’s top architects

These famous architects demonstrate how to excel in any creative endeavour.

Get invaluable advice with free tarot cards made for designers

When designers design, they sometimes become so immersed in their work that they forget to step back and make sure they’re on the right path. Often, a second pair of eyes are what’s needed to help designers stay on brief and create amazing designs; that…

How to endorse yourself during a job interview

Does the mere thought of a job interview make you feel stressed? Are you worried about the types of questions the interviewer is going to throw at you or saying something stupid? This stress can push us to tell lies during an interview.

What they didn’t teach you in design school

No matter what path you took in life, when it comes to our careers we all wish I learned ________________ in school. So, inspired by the gaps he perceived in a conventional design education, Professor Phil Cleaver published the very readable What They Didn’t Teach…