3D hand-cut paper sculptures of birds, bees, and other creatures

UK-based designer and illustrator Lisa Lloyd worked for nearly 20 years as an animator, director, even a creative director. But the one thing she was missed doing was creating her own work. So, six years ago she started creating designs out of paper in her free time.…

Rainbow tunnel installation contains 120,000 paper numbers

Time is something we deal with every day, and something that everyone believes they understand. While we may think we do, it’s still a hard thing to express. So, as part of a series of exhibitions exploring the different functions of materials, Tokyo-based architect and designer Emmanuelle…

Mesmerizing paper art made from coloured strips

There is a lot of beautiful artworks made from paper. I’ve previously showcased a few; like geometric animals, hand-carved artworks from a paper sheet, and even scenes from Alice in Wonderland in glass baubles.

Alice In Wonderland scenes made of paper in baubles

Are you a fan of the classic Alice In Wonderland? If so, then it’s time to ‘step through the looking glass.’ Discover this gorgeous series of paper-cut scenes and characters from the classic novel.

Paper sample kit that doubles as a calendar

A graphic designer out of the United Kingdom named Adam Chescoe has come up with a smart way to promote paper company Fedrigoni’s paper sample kit. Showcasing their Woodstock range of paper, Adam has turned the paper samples into a calendar.

Geometric models of animals made entirely out of paper

Artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer—aka PaperWolf—has become renowned for his talent creating stunning 3D geometric models; beautiful polygonal animals made from coloured paper.