Over-the-top Toyota ad replaces Chuck Norris with a truck

Chuck Norris is so tough that there’s no chin under his beard, only another fist. But this new commercial by Toyota sees the roundhouse kicking actor being replaced by a truck.

No stranger to advertising, Chuck Norris stars in an ad for the Toyota Tacoma. Created by ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, this “Tough as Chuck” spot skips the spinning kicks and instead creates an over-the-top scenario where Chuck Norris’ signature imbues a Toyota Tacoma with the power to surf, climb trees and (of course) defeat criminals in hand-to-door combat.

Tough as Chuck

Opening with Chuck Norris karate-chopping concrete blocks in front of a hardware store for no apparent reason, he’s recognized by a bystander who asks him to sign his Toyota Tacoma. In the act of laying down his signature, Chuck Norris grants the truck access to some of his vast superpowers. For which the truck immediately celebrates by spinning donuts that leaves behind a portrait of Chuck Norris in burned rubber.

From there it segues into a short montage of the truck performing a number of heroic activities. This allows Saatchi & Saatchi ample room for all the requisite Chuck Norris gags before reeling it back in with the actor in a low-rent office questioning the realization that he’s been replaced with a truck.

Let’s go places

The campaign, which marks the first time Toyota has made a multi-model advertisement, is made up of three ads. “Tough as Chuck”, “Tag,” and “So Beautiful,” each feature different models, but only this ad features the one and only Chuck Norris and a Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Toyota is hoping this campaign will demonstrate vehicle performance, capability, and style with this campaign.

“This multi-model campaign approach allows Toyota to reach targeted audiences with a variety of products rolled under one over-arching campaign,” says Ed Laukes, Group VP of Marketing at Toyota North America.

Check out some of the other spots below:


So beautiful

Source: https://www.adweek.com/creativity/chuck-norris-gets-replaced-by-truck-norris-in-this-wonderfully-over-the-top-commercial/

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