Write people up for design offences with the Typographic Ticket Book

Is someone using terrible kerning, stretching type or did you get a client brief in the dreaded Comic Sans? Don’t despair. The next time someone commits design offences, you can write them up with this Typographic Ticket Book.

Created by the designers at type foundry Hoefler & Co., their 50-page novelty Typographic Ticket Book makes it easy to be an enforcer of design infractions like “improper kerning” and “un-ironic use of Helvetica.” In fact, the Ticket Book nails 32 common typographic infractions, including:

  • Things set in ALL CAPS that would be easier to read in lowercase
  • Searing colours that dazzle the eyes
  • Confounding administrative indicia like bar codes and form numbers
  • Everything’s always in Helvetica
  • And more

Write people up for design offences with the Typographic Ticket Book

Each infraction comes complete with appropriate penalties, and there’s a useful Other section at the bottom for more exotic type transgressions. Hoefler admits that he had to edit down the number of infractions, however. According to him, if they’d had enough space, it could’ve run to at least 60.

Hoefler & Co. explains, “[E]ach Notice of Violation is sure to startle, striking an uneasy chill in even the most upstanding designer. Contains fifty tickets, each neatly perforated for a satisfyingly loud rip prior to presentation. Bound in soul-deadening municipal pressboard, with a heavy-duty 100pt millboard backing, and foil stamped with an official-looking clip art emblem in gold. Police uniform not included, nor recommended. For novelty use only.” 

The Typographic Ticket Book’s aesthetic has been modelled after the standard tickets issued by municipal meter maids. The authoritatively typeset in Helvetica is designed to provoke maximum anxiety, and is harshly printed in retina-scorching orange.

Write people up for design offences with the Typographic Ticket Book

You can get the Typographic Ticket Book for US$10 via Hoefler & Co.’s online shop to start ticketing offences. However, if you want to avoid getting written for design offences, check out the best free fonts to use in your designs.