Depicting the struggles of ad agency creatives through admojis

Emojis have become part of today’s written language. They’re used to show off our emotions and expressions in a way that’s easier than words alone. In fact, 92 percent of the online community use emojis. But they don’t express enough when it comes to advertising and marketing. That’s why copywriter Scott Wolf has taken these familiar icons and created amusingly captioned emojis that evoke relatable feelings for ad agency individuals, called admojis.

“Things like Facebook and Twitter are the most-used things in the world. Nowadays there are tons of new communication tools. Emoji enriches communication and makes it more enjoyable. It’s been over 10 years now, but people love to add to communication,” says Emoji Inventor, Shigetaka Kurita.

Scott, along with Jordan Miller and Johnny Michael, created a series of 100 admojis. They pair existing emojis with ad-related phrases, giving them a new meaning and a new use for your daily interactions with your co-workers. Why? Because sometimes, words just don’t have the power to express how hard it is to work in an agency.

Admoji’s: Emojis for advertising creatives

View the entire collection here, or check out some favourites below:

Admojis: What meeting this morning? Admojis: Lunch Admojis: When the account goes up for review Admojis: Deadlines Admojis: Determining who has to drive to lunch Admojis: When the creative brief changes after a week and then goes back to the original a week later Admojis: Going to pitch with nothing but a few thought starters, and somehow pulling an entire campaign Admojis: When you get the email saying there's leftover food in the kitchen Admojis: Client feedback Admojis: Working from home

What would you like to see add to this collection? Share your thoughts below and with your advertising colleagues or take a look at these emojis created by Coca Cola.


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