Ad agency leases women’s armpits as advertising space

We’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970’s to as many as 5,000 a day today. But, if you think the saturation of advertisements in cities like London, New York or Japan are heavy now, just wait. An idea that literally goes to the pits, Japanese ad agency Wakino Ad Company has uncovered new advertising space that could turn a few heads… and arms.

The company has decided that the best way to get consumers to see ads would be to put them in women’s armpits. “Waki” translates to armpit, and unsurprisingly, the Wakino Ad Company is owned by a Liberta. They’re a brand that specializes in armpit-beautifying product.

Ad agency leases women’s armpits as advertising space

Armpits for lease: Walking billboards

If you’re looking to advertise, they’ll make young women’s underarms available for hire as advertising spaces. Rentals start at JP¥10,000 (CDN$118.12) per hour. Not a bad price, considering that you’re paying for a walking billboard. Although, you have to wonder how often the models will have their arms up to showcase the ads.

Ad agency leases women’s armpits as advertising space

Yet, despite the unorthodox marketing strategy, the Wakino Ad Company managed to land a customer. The first to sign on with the idea of advertising in armpits is beauty chain Seishin Biyo Clinic, who offer a painless underarm hair removal procedure.

With that being said, the Wakino Ad Company assures the new advertising mediums are great for numerous niches, including job search websites, acting schools, and detective agencies. And while they’re still a relatively new company and they’re currently looking for models for its ad campaigns. Women in Japan confident about flashing their blemish-free armpits may want to check them out for a career in modelling.

Ad agency leases women’s armpits as advertising space

What are your thoughts on leasing your body as advertising space?


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