The destruction of wildlife illustrated in clever double exposure ads

“Destroying Nature is Destroying Life”. This is the slogan of a beautiful and powerful new awareness campaign against the destruction caused by uncontrolled industrialization. Using double exposure ads, the campaign reminds us that the destruction of nature inevitably leads to the destruction of wildlife.

Created for German environmental advocacy group Robin Wood, these striking double exposure ads feature a different animals and their natural habitat being destroyed within them.

We’ve all heard that oil drilling, deforestation, and intense agriculture is “killing nature”. However, it seems as long as we don’t see the actual casualties of this destruction, we distance ourselves from the problem easily. Preserving animals’ natural habitats is not a new problem, but hopefully campaigns like this will put it on the radar again.

These double exposure ads were created by designer Surachai Puthikulangkura and agency Grabarz & Partner. Check them out below.