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When Microsoft released Windows 10, it also released the icon font Segoe UI Symbol. This icon font is recommended for use by developers when designing apps on Windows 10 devices. But one design company argues that Segoe UI Symbol adds visual noise because the icons have different visual weights.

What is visual weight?

Free Windows 10 icons: What is visual weight

Visual weight is how a big, dense, and heavy icon is perceived. Although it can’t be evaluated precisely, the human eye evaluates it instantly. Basically, it’s proportional to the space filled by the icon. Thus, large, densely filled icons are perceived to be heavier.

How do you evaluate visual wieght?

Try looking at these icons and squinting your eyes. You should see them as blurred spots, but they should be nearly identical. Here’s an example of the squint test of the Microsoft’s design showing that’s clearly not the case:

Icons8, the company that believes Microsoft has broken the rules for visual weight, are giving out free replacements. You can read the full list of reasons why you should choose their design over Microsoft’s on their blog. Or click on the download button below to receive your set of over 200 for free.

Get over 200 Windows icons for free

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