How big brands use logos to lure consumers

A logo is so much more than just text, graphics and colours. A logo has the power to create a lasting connection with consumers. Do you ever wonder why some logos are bright yellow and some red? Or why luxury business logos are usually black, white, while corporate logos are blue? Each component has been carefully crafted to ensure maximum impact; for example, the colour yellow is associated with the energy and joy of sunshine. Just think of brands like McDonald’s, Apple and Nike, companies so famous that it takes only a glance at their logos to identify them.

In the following infographic, by financesonline.com, it helps us understand how elements like colour, shape, text and font serve to make a logo stand out. It also explains the types of emotional responses that brands want to induce in consumers. Brands use these responses to ensure brand recognition from an early age. And according to a study by the University of Amsterdam, children as young as 3 are able to recognize logos, as well as the evolution of logos of leading brands.

For more information, view the infographic on the evolution of logos below.


Source: http://business-applications.financesonline.com/review-of-famous-company-logos/

Daniel is an Art Director and Graphic Designer with over a decade of experience in advertising and marketing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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