Company makes humorous soaps for all types of people

Do you still use bar soaps or do you use a body wash? If you still use bars, then these products might be just what you’re looking for. And while the soap industry may not be known for its sense of humour, an American company is changing that.

Do you have writer’s block? There’s a soap for that. Are you a morning person? Then there’s a soap for that too. There’s even soaps for internet trolls that smells like living in their mom’s basement. Whiskey River Soap Co. offers handmade colourful soaps, candles, and bath bombs for anything and anybody you can think of.

And rather than naming their products after its scent, they’re named after the occasion or type of person it’s meant for. The incredibly unique soaps sell for $8.95US each and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; some are exclusive to a specific gender and age group.

In fact, some are even meant for special occasions, like the Soap for a Midlife Crisis (which smells like a motorcycle); the Soap for Being Awesome (which smells like a cool story, bro); and the Soap for Man Crush Monday (which smells like maybe a beard, or a cool scarf, or both).

Each of these soaps come with their own humorous description of what it smells like; poking fun at its users, but occasionally hitting very close to home. Take a look at some of our favourites below.

Soaps with humorous descriptions

Company makes humorous soaps for true artists Company makes humorous soaps for no ragrets Company makes humorous soaps for geeks Company makes humorous soaps for writer's block Company makes humorous soaps for grammar police Company makes humorous soaps for introverts

While you can use the bars of soap for their intended purposes, the labels are so funny you can probably just display them in your bathrooms as a quirky and unexpected décor item. From weird teachers, creep uncles, and crazy exes, Whiskey River Soap Co.’s range of hygiene products mean you’ll certainly never be stuck for Christmas presents ever again. All their soaps are available for purchase on their website.

And for other strange hygiene products, check out a cologne that lets you smell like a Whopper and a perfume from the scent of a departed loved one.


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