Infographic: Stereotypes in design

Stereotypes are rampant across many industries, especially when it comes to design. However, the truth is that designers are a diverse group, and we hate being put into restrictive conceptual boxes.

Designers come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Often though, some stereotypes portray us as being trendy, moustache sporting, coffee chugging, Apple lovers; full-blown hipsters. Yet, no matter what type of designer that you are, people have preconceived notions based on what they think you do.

In the following infographic from New School of Architecture and Design, they give us a peak into the funny stereotypes people perceive graphic and interior designers, film directors, architects, production and game designers to follow. Take a look and see if you fall into any of these preconceived notions:

Infographic: Stereotypes in design

Stereotypes in design

Graphic Designer

  • Though of primarily as men
  • Hairstyle: Mad Men or the Lumberjack while sporting a handlebar or connoisseur moustache
  • Music: They listen to brands you’ve never heard of
  • Food/Beverage: They love pizza and love their coffee which should be a tall, non-fat, no foam, 2-shot vanilla latte, extra ice
  • Fashion: Designers wear their sleeves either uptown, midtown, or downtown
  • Popular Job Locations: States with the highest employment are California with 15,880 and New York with 18,010
  • Quirks: Common stereotypes are that they purchase products based their use of fonts and that 25% of graphic designers don’t work well with others, considering themselves freelance

Interior Designer

  • Interior designers are stereotyped as women
  • Hairstyle: Short and manageable; bowl cut Cleopatra
  • Music: Late 90s female vocalists
  • Food/Beverage: They eat organic salad and drink organic water
  • Makeup: They’re moderate with makeup use, either going all natural or applying it like it’s the 80s
  • Popular Job Locations: States with the highest employment are California with 6,540 and Texas at 3,140
  • Quirks: They solve interior environment problems through a human-centred approach. They love to take an inside space and and make it beautiful and functional by adding a modern ‘twist’ to a classic style and a touch of something antique to make the space more classic

Film Director

  • Film directors are typically stereotyped as men vs women 15:1
  • Hairstyle: They sport the Spielberg nest or the Christopher Nolan
  • Music: They prefer classic and modern orchestrated works with a dash of techno
  • Food/Beverage: Pre-shooting they eat a 4-course meal, during they snack on catering, and after go straight for the whiskey
  • Top States for Film Production: Illinois, Louisiana and Florida
  • Quirks: They only travel by Learjet; have strong opinions on digital vs analog filming

Product Designer

  • Perceived primarily as women
  • Music: Listening to Classic Rock and New Wave on inner earphones made with wood
  • Food/Beverage: They eat takeout or fast food
  • Fashion: They wear glasses; red rimmed or Google
  • Smell: One of the common stereotypes is they love the smell of a freshly opened box of sneakers
  • Popular Job Locations: States with the highest employment are California with 3,370 and Michigan at 3,280
  • Quirks: They’ve made a purchasing decision based on the packaging; they think they’re graphic designers

Game Designer

  • Typically portrayed as men
  • Vision: They’re nocturnal and see better in the dark when working and playing games
  • Smell: They enjoy the scent of dust burning on an over-worked computer
  • Music: Game scores and chip tunes
  • Food/Beverage: Game designers are stereotyped as only eating Hot Pockets and drinking Mountain Dew
  • Popular Studio Locations: 68 studios in Seattle and 119 in California
  • Quirks: They have the reflexes of a cheetah and are total consumers of the game industry