KFC ensures you don’t smudge your phone with this synthetic finger

Sometimes you just have to share your love fried chicken while you eat. However, using your smartphone with chicken-scented fingers might leave your shiny display covered in grease and grime. Not to worry though, KFC has a better way to live-tweet what you’re eating.

While it may be finger lickin’ good, your greasy finger are never quite clean enough, advertising agency Ogilvy has tweeted an amusing projects from its Singapore office: the KFC Finger.

Essentially it works like a stylus, but with better structural integrity and surface area. KFC’s synthetic finger is designed to let customers easily scroll through their social media feeds, type out text messages, and even play games with their devices despite having greasy fingers.

“There’s only one negative to KFC’s fried chicken—it makes smartphone usage just a little bit too messy…” Ogilvy describes. “Introducing the ‘KFC Finger’, another finger to call your own, keeping your screen spotlessly clean while eating. It’s finger clickin’ good!”

KFC’s synthetic finger

In the following commercial, we get to see a number of customers struggling to navigate their phones while eating KFC. Eventually they resort to using their noses, feet, and ears instead.

“It’s time to give these problems the ‘Finger’,” the voiceover announces. Take a look:

Source: https://designtaxi.com/news/403263/KFC-s-Synthetic-Finger-Ensures-You-Won-t-Ruin-Your-Phone-With-Grubby-Hands/