Adult-friendly LEGO kits to build a mini Leica camera

Over the last year, the iconic Leica M camera has been repeatedly reimagined, making it quiet, textured, and even collectible. And while photography enthusiasts seem to already have everything they need, be they cameras, accessories, or other gadgets, what they might not have is a cool rainy-day model kit to remind themselves of their passions.

Leica M camera LEGO kits: Black/Grey

Designer Chris McVeigh and LEGO have teamed up to create a Leica M model kit. Each set lets you build your own toy version of the iconic camera.

Leica M camera LEGO kits: Black/Grey

The Leica M LEGO kits measure just two inches high when assembled. They’re packed with all the details that define the Leica M, including setting dials, a shutter, a rear display, a clear viewfinder, and camera strap mounts. They also come in two colour schemes: Black/Grey and Brown/Grey.

Leica M camera LEGO kits: Brown/Grey

Though the LEGO kits are available in Leica’s Miami store for US$45, it’s worth noting that they don’t come with assembly guides. Instructions, however, can be downloaded for free.

Leica M camera LEGO kits

Once you’ve gotten your hands on the “how-to’s,” you’ll be building your own tiny rangefinder in no time!