McDonald’s puts its drive-thru on wheels

If you’re in a hurry, getting lunch at the drive-thru is a convenient way to get your fast food. But what if that wasn’t convenient enough for you? Well, McDonald’s isn’t going to wait for you to come to its brick-and-mortar; rather, it’s taken the initiative to bring its burgers and fries straight to you with its Drive-Thruck.

Last month, the mobile drive-thru on wheels hit the streets of Sao Paulo with help from Brazilian agency DPZ&T.

Roberto Gnypek, Marketing VP of McDonald’s commented, “We reversed people’s habit of going to the drive-thru at McDonald’s, which can be found everywhere.”

Sure, McDonald’s drive-thru’s are pretty convenient, but this seems over the top. This goofy stunt appears to be taking the brand’s consistent accessibility a bit too literally.

“It was an irreverent way of reminding everyone that there is always a drive-thru along [the] way and also anywhere in Brazil,” said DPZ&T ECD Sergio Mugnaini.

The McDonald’s Drive-Thruck is essentially a food truck, which McDonald’s has been known to experiment with before. The global company has already launched food trucks in America and some countries in Europe; where mobile restaurants serve burgers and fries through a classic drive-thru window. In the US, the company announced last year it would drive 12-metre trucks to sports games, festivals and cul-de-sacs throughout the country.

So the next time you’re on vacation in Sao Paulo, watch the streets for the mobile McDonald’s Drive Thruck.