The #InstaGiftGuide, based on popular 2018 hashtags

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to start shopping for your friends and family. To help you out, Instagram has married hashtags and brands to come up with #InstaGiftGuide gift-giving recommendations for Christmas. 

The #InstaGiftGuide matches six popular hashtag trends from 2018 with gift-worthy products from 34 brands on Instagram. So, as long as you know which hashtags your friends and family are into, you can discover gift ideas for them that are reflective of popular online content. And yes, the famous #CatsofInstagram made the cut.

The other five popular hashtags from the #InstaGiftGuide are:

  • #Tutting
  • #OddlySatisfying
  • #Fingerboarding
  • #VaporWave
  • #ISeeFaces

With so many new ways to shop on Instagram, from the shopping channel in Explore to saving products to your personal Shopping Collection, it’s now easier to browse and keep track of all of your wishlist items in one place.

Watch the videos below to check out the suggested gifts and brands under each category.