Are they sex toys or dog toys? Can you tell?

With a wide array of dog toys on the market, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours for you to have some innocent fun with Rover. But with all those different shapes, they can sometimes resemble playthings that are much less innocuous.

While they differ in intended use, dog toys and sex toys are not technically interchangeable. And in this video by Distractify, several mothers were invited to try and guess if the object presented to them was a dog toy or a sex toy.

With the ever growing selection of both dog and sex toys out there, it’s getting harder to tell who they’re for.

Moms try to guess if it’s a dog toy or sex toy

View the clip below and see how well you can differentiate these products. Share how you did in the comments below.

While this isn’t an official competition per se, the award for “Most knowledgable” goes to Green Shirt Mom and the award for “Thinks she’s the most knowledgable” goes to Pink Shirt Mom. Grey Shirt Mom and Autumnal Watercolour Shirt Mom, however, tie for the award for “Most tentatively optimistic.”