Still cooking the same meals? Shake up your routine with Foodie Dice

Thanks to new cookbooks, Instagram and dedicated TV networks, people are more obsessed with food than ever before. But if all that leaves you feeling uninspired in the kitchen, these fun dice will help get your creative juices flowing.

Foodie Dice are designed to solve a quintessential first-world problem for those with a fully-stocked kitchen: What should I have for dinner tonight?

A fun new way to shake up your cooking routine, Foodie Dice give you all the inspiration you’ll need to create simple, seasonal meals. Instead of being paralyzed by the paradox of choice, foodies give up control to the roll of the dice.

Foodie Dice

Create endless possibilities with Foodie Dice

Created by designer Sarah Downey and her sister Liz, the project grew out of their mutual love of exploration. A single set of Foodie Dice start at four and go up to as many as nine, specifying a protein, carb, seasonal vegetable, spice, and cooking method.

Purposefully limiting, this delicious game of Yahtzee can inspire over 186,000 possible meals and reduce stress while exposing diners to new flavour combinations.

Foodie Dice instructions

Vegetarians and vegans don’t need to feel left out either. The protein die includes both meat and vegetarian options on each side. Simply roll them to get a unique combo, and get cooking.

There’s even a single die for deciding on take-out with six possible results: Mexican, Italian, American, Indian, Asian, or Something New — covering just about everything.

Examples of possible meal combinations: 

  • Sauté / Pork or Eggs / Potato / Carrots / Dill / Bacon
  • Grill / Beef or Tempeh / Rice / Corn / Cilantro / Onions

To get your very own Foodie Dice and shake up your kitchen routine, click here.