Shutterstock comes to the rescue in witty print ad campaign

Stock photography website, Shutterstock is used by designers and agencies the world over. And to highlight their coming to the rescue of those creatives, Dominican Republic ad agency Cazar DDB has created a trio of witty print ads to promote the stock photography company and its offerings.

The campaign, which almost looks like initial concept artwork, proudly declares, “Over 213 million royalty free images to your rescue.” The three-ad series depicts sketches of a person stuck in a different life-threatening scenario—with Shutterstock images coming to his aid.


Waterfall: Shutterstock comes to the rescue

The first ad features a sketch of a person in a kayak that’s about to fall off a waterfall, but there’s an image of a chopper on the right that’s come to his rescue.


Desert: Shutterstock comes to the rescue

The second rescue ad features the sketch of a person lost in the desert. Thankfully, however, there’s an image of an oasis nearby.


Castaway: Shutterstock comes to the rescue

The third ad shows a person floating in shark-infested waters. However, in this rescue ad there’s an image of a boat near him that he can climb on to.

Do you use Shutterstock for your stock images? If so, what are your thoughts on this simple, clever campaign? Share them with us or discover more stories with stock photography.