‘Beauty and the Beast’ inspired roses that live forever

Few things embody the magic of Disney films quite like the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast. With the live-action release of this classic tale opening today, what better way to gift fans than with a magical rose in a glass dome?

Have you ever received flowers so beautiful, you wished they would last a lifetime? Well, it’s now possible. A luxury floral company in London has started making a Disney-inspired rose arrangement, called Forever Roses. The company, Forever Rose London, started out selling exclusive flower arrangements for the royal family. Now popular in the Middle East, Forever Rose has become renowned for creating the world’s longest lasting roses for nearly everyone.

Forever Roses are 100% natural and live forever when protected in a glass dome. Even without the need of water or sunlight they will still remain intact. And if unprotected, will live up to three years.

There are many colours to choose from, as well as different arrangements. Their most popular rose is the single stem Bella rose in a glass dome; which is available in 29 colours and starts from $267CDN. Of course such beauty has a price, with some floral offerings going for up to $4000.

Have a look through Forever Rose’s captivating enclosed florals. For more, head down to its Instagram.

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/beauty-beast-inspired-3-years-forever-rose-london/

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