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Why you should become a graphic designer

Some people are destined to become a graphic designer. They have a knack for aesthetics, notice the finer details and love to learn new things. So, if you’ve always been deeply interested in graphic design, but are not currently working in the field, this may be the year to make a career switch.Continue Reading..


How to end a contract job with your bridges intact

After graduation, we all want to be settled into top-notch marketing jobs, well on our way to becoming the company’s next creative director. In an ideal life, this would include disposable income, paid vacation days and a career-building job that we love. However, even though that’s possible, the reality is that the path to our dream jobs isn’t always so smooth. You may end up in several short-term contract jobs instead of a permanent, full-time position.Continue Reading..


Price your creative jobs with 5 simple questions

Like most creatives, you’re probably undervaluing the work you do. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to scare off a potential client, you’re trying to compete with other designers, or you’re just not sure how.Continue Reading..

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