Artist helps friends bar with creative chalk signs

The Spirits Tavern in Dahlonega, Georgia had been seeing a decline in patrons. That’s when owner Sabrina Walker had the idea to recruit local artists to design chalk signs for her business. She managed to get a friend of hers, Ollie Wolff Pruitt, aka littlewolff, to take on the project. 


“Dahlonega is full of very talented people. I’m very lucky to be close friends with several of them,” Sabrina told The Huffington Post. “As Ollie and I became friends, she began to just enjoy hanging out at the bar while she worked on the signs. It just organically developed into a really neat thing.”


For almost a year now Ollie has been drawing sidewalk chalk signs for the Spirits Tavern. Her designs were not only captivating, but they also managed to increase sales. It wasn’t too much longer before they even started making headlines in the local newspaper.


“These signs have turned into a real joy for me and are often the highlight of my week,” wrote Ollie. “I was mostly drawing random jokes or funnies from the internet that Sabrina or someone at the bar would find. But we did get a few original ideas in there. Sometimes I’ll just really want to draw a certain thing, so I’ll try to make it relevant to the bar.”


From cute little drawings of various characters to catchy sayings, these beautiful signs have made many passing people stop to take a look. Both Sabrina and Ollie agree that the local response to the chalk signs has been overwhelmingly positive. Many people stop and take pictures of the signs, with some coming in simply because the signs made them laugh.

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