Rainbow food trend reaches sushi

In a world where foods trend all the time, its hard to keep up with what the coolest thing is. The rainbow food trend has recently taken over. It has cast all the regular, beige food we held dear aside, making brightly coloured foods the only acceptable things to appear on social media.

The rainbow food trend that started with bagels, then hit pancakes, milkshakes, pizza, latte and grilled cheese has now reached sushi. These now colourful plates of this beloved Japanese cuisine are now being uploaded to Instagram under hashtag #rainbowsushi.

A few take on the myriad colours when creating rainbow sushi with a good mix of natural ingredients. Others have turned their sushi psychedelic via the less healthy artificial food colouring method.

Fill n' roll ✨🌟✨ #EatMorePlants #RainbowSushi

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So, are you a fan of this rainbow food trend? Or do you prefer a normal meal?

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2016/05/14/rainbow-sushi-is-a-thing-and-its-super-instagrammable-5882135/#mv-b

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