Trams in Amsterdam offer a unique gaming experience

For those who take public transit, playing games on your phone is probably how you pass the time. Parts of the world are going crazy trying to catch Pokémon through their phone with Pokémon Go. But that doesn’t mean you need to run around town chasing digital…

Mesmerizing kinetic sculpture makes waves over Pershing Square

A suspended sea of delicate silver strands ripples over Pershing Square in Los Angeles. This mesmerizing kinetic sculpture casts moving shadows over those who walk underneath. 

Fake animal facts left all over Los Angeles Zoo

California-based comedian Jeff Wysaski, who goes by the handle Obvious Plant, has recently pranked the public. If you happened to visit the Los Angeles Zoo recently, you may have spotted some rather unusual facts regarding some of the animals.

Sleep under the stars (literally) in Alps open-air hotel

There is no roof, there are no walls, and not even a bathroom (at least not one closer than a 10-minute walk).

The 2016 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest winners

Chosen from more than 10,000 entries worldwide, these are the best travel photos of 2016.

Pantone Café serves food inspired by colour

if perfectly colour coordinated, tasty food is what brings you joy, head to the pop-up Pantone Café in Monaco.

Celebrate Canada Day with interesting Canadian facts

Did you know that we produce more maple syrup than any other country? Learn more facts about Canada.

Do you want to talk to a random Swede? Call the Swedish Number

To celebrate 250 years of free speech and encourage tourism, Sweden gave itself its own phone number.

Idyllic places to go if the world ends tomorrow

Where on Earth are the best choices for riding out the coming apocalypse?

The most insane things smuggled through customs

If you travel often you know there are strict regulations when crossing international borders. Despite these regulations, many people still try to smuggle strange, unusual and illegal items through customs.

The most bizarre hobbies from around the world

While the average people takes up a hobby like playing sports, baking — or even stamp collecting — there are a handful of unique individuals that consider these common pass-times mundane. So what do these people do instead? According to British website, they enjoy…

Infographic: Quirky road signs from around the world

Language continues to be a barrier when travelling abroad. Travellers, however, can at least rely on the simplicity of universally designed signs to guide them on their adventures. And while most road signs will tell you the speed limit or point you in the right…