Funny and honest food pyramid for different age groups

Everyone is aware that they should be eating a balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In fact, we learned this in elementary school when we were taught the food pyramid.

Enjoy a spaghetti and meatball burger for lunch

Spaghetti and meatballs happens to be a favourite dish for many, including food and fashion blogger Caitlin Lee of Public Lives Secret Recipes. Unfortunately, eating it can get a bit messy at times.

How to make alcohol-infused Oreo cookies

Are dunking Oreo cookies in milk no longer giving you a thrill? If that’s the case, try a new way to enjoy milk’s favourite cookie—with alcohol.

Draw on your food with the world’s first Spice Pen

When it comes to creating beautiful foam sculptures on top of your milky caffeinated drinks, you now have some help. With this awesome spice pen, you can play and create with your food without getting scolded for it.

Love bacon? How about a Bacon-Making Kit

Nothing beats that sizzling sound of bacon cooking first thing in the morning. And don’t listen to those studies that say processed meats causes cancer. Besides, what doesn’t these days? Just take everything in moderation.

Deep fried maple leaves in a sweet tempura batter

Fall is here and people in Japan are not only enjoying the picturesque autumn view, but they’re also enjoying maple leaves; deep frying them in a sweet tempura batter and eating them.

The most expensive hamburger on Earth: the Glamburger

Pretty much everyone who loves meat enjoys eating a mouth-watering hamburger; whether it’s off the grille or from their favourite restaurant. But how much are you willing to pay to have a burger? I’ve previously posted about world’s most expensive items before, including America’s most expensive hamburgers,…

Bizarre Japanese cookbook require the use of condoms

With all of the television shows and networks that revolve around food, you probably thought you’ve seen it all. Chances are you haven’t seen this Japanese cookbook. If you’re wondering what makes it so unique, well, it’s centred around condoms. 

Hilariously profane cookbook wants you to eat like you give a fuck

These days it’s hard to eat healthy; especially with food like galaxy donuts and the secret menus at restaurants. But if you’re the type of person who’s looking for inspiration to start eating delicious and healthy food, this cookbook is for you.

This ice cream looks and tastes like a baked sweet potato

The Japanese are certainly known for their odd eating habits, like deep-fried maple leaves. But did you know that yakiimo—also known as a baked sweet potato—is enjoyed by people of all ages in Japan? 

Find out how people consume meat around the world

Where’s the beef? With all the BBQs flaming this summer, if you consume meat then you’re probably thinking of a nice juicy burger or steak right now. Lets face it, the world loves meat. And I know that there are plenty of vegetarians and vegans out…

Brilliant food packaging inspired by its contents

Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine has come up with a series of clever, beautifully designed, eco-friendly food packaging.