Ten creative ways to tie a necktie

These days it’s all about looking dapper. But instead of looking like everyone else, apparel website ShirtsMyWay has created a comprehensive tutorial that shows you how to tie a necktie.

Handmade resin bracelets made with real flowers & leaves

Do you give the gift of flowers to your special someone? If you do, instead of giving them a bouquets that will wither away after a few days, gift these beautifully bracelets instead.

How to make alcohol-infused Oreo cookies

Are dunking Oreo cookies in milk no longer giving you a thrill? If that’s the case, try a new way to enjoy milk’s favourite cookie—with alcohol.

Price your creative jobs with 5 simple questions

Like most creatives, you’re probably undervaluing the work you do. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to scare off a potential client, you’re trying to compete with other designers, or you’re just not sure how.

KFC unveils edible coffee cups

Instead of throwing paper cups in the trash, coffee drinkers can now help the environment by eating branded cookie cups. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, KFC is planning to serve up Seattle’s Best Coffee in edible coffee cups that let customers enjoy the warm beverage and eat…

Infographic: How to have the perfect day at work

How can we make our work days more effective? The details will likely vary depending on your profession and responsibilities, but there are still universal hacks we can all apply.