Most frequently used typefaces of hundreds of brands

It’s true that people don’t look like their Instagram shots, or they’re not as happy as their Facebook profiles try to convince us. It’s also true that designers don’t use all those trendy font combinations you might think.

Since most people have different ideas about what the best typefaces should encompass, free icon library Icons8 decided to conduct research into whether there were any parallels among the sites of top startups on Product Hunt.

So, what typefaces do designers at top startups really use? According to the fonts study, designers don’t use the trendy, cool fonts. Instead, they rely on system fonts, popular Google Fonts, and they end up misspelling font names a lot.

Icons8 analyzed data from ProductHunt and dissected the websites of 737 winning startups. They then took a peak into their CSS files to see what fonts were used. At the end of its evaluation, Icons8 found thousands of different typefaces and picked the top 50, as well as looked for the most common 50 that paired with them.

Fonts that people actually use

Using that information, they built a landing page, called Fonts That People Actually Use, where you can browse the frequently used typefaces of hundreds of brands. The tool sorts the results by popularity. In the second column, you can see the most popular font pairings with that typeface. And in the third column, there’s a font sample and websites where they’re use.

One of the key insights from the study show that startups love using system fonts, particularly those from the Google Fonts library. These include Open Sans, Roboto, Lato and Montserrat. Roboto and Montserrat, however, were among the most misspelled resources—named ‘Rpboto’ and ‘Montserray’.

Helvetica Neue and Consolas turned out to be the most favoured combination. And thankfully, none of these several hundred brands used Comic Sans on their sites. Check out all the results of the interesting study here.