Learn how to leave work early with these 6 tips

Where’s the worst place you can possibly be at 4 pm on a Friday? The office, of course.

Sometimes the pull of freedom is too great and it seems impossible to stay imprisoned in your office for an entire afternoon. Of course, finding excuses to leave work early or to sneak out can be a daunting task. It may require complicated plotting, devious subterfuge, and conspiracies among coworkers. It’s a brave soul to risk the 3 pm exit; an individual who doesn’t fear the wrath of upper management.

If you think you have what it takes to make a run for it, we wish you well on your journey. But before you hit the road, the following illustration by Mart Virkus provides advice on how you can get tasks done more efficiently so you can scoot out of the office early.

Explained using office test dummy, Frank, these 6 simple tips can get out of the office by 3pm everyday. Some tips worth highlighting include planning your day and accomplishing the hardest tasks in the morning. Staying organized and delegating tasks can also help reduce your workload and speed up the progress of projects. Take a look below:

How to leave work early

TIP: Strive to do your best, take care to maintain a positive relationship with your supervisors, and be honest when something requires your presence during work hours.

Source: http://visual.ly/how-leave-work-early