Things that designers do to annoy clients

Designers commonly complain about how difficult clients are, but they're also guilty of being difficult to clients.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fried Nutella ice cream ball

Nutella is quickly growing in popularity, with new recipes being invented for it all the time. For those who are new to fried ice cream, the idea of a grapefruit-sized ball of Nutella and vanilla fried ice cream adorned with crushed Maltesers is intriguing and…

Learn the reasons why men shave: A brief history

For a brief history of shaving, Prim & Prep has put together this informative infographic.

Coca-Cola’s Marvel-themed cans for Super Bowl teaser

Coca-Cola is partnering with Marvel for a Super Bowl spot that will air during the second quarter.

Advertisers tease us with their Super Bowl 50 ads

Laugh or cry, here's a few of the ads that you'll see on Super Bowl Sunday.

Amazing sculptures carved out of the tips of pencils

Using an X-acto knife and tiny chisel, pencil lead is transformed into miniature sculptures.

Comics depict the sad, but funny truth about Facebook

The series takes jabs at several features of the dominating platform. Take a look at these surprising accurate and funny situations that you should be familiar with.

Infographic: Quirky road signs from around the world

Language continues to be a barrier when travelling abroad. Travellers, however, can at least rely on the simplicity of universally designed signs to guide them on their adventures. And while most road signs will tell you the speed limit or point you in the right…

This stylish custom bicycle is guaranteed to turn heads

The Ono Bikes' Archont design comes in both electric and normal bicycles and feature a customized stainless steel frame which complements the LED lights on the rear.