Get invaluable advice with free tarot cards made for designers

When designers design, they sometimes become so immersed in their work that they forget to step back and make sure they’re on the right path. Often, a second pair of eyes are what’s needed to help designers stay on brief and create amazing designs; that…

Everything designers need to know about the golden ratio

Good designers are always on the hunt for the latest tools to help them step up their game—whether it’s a new app or the latest Adobe update. Yet some of the best design tools are actually those that have been around the longest.

Shazam-like handheld tool for font finding

This handheld tool captures typefaces — even colours — from the real world and searches for them online.

Cube device matches any colour you find around you

Despite the many apps and gadgets out there, Cube detects, measures and quantifies colour.

Why designers don’t need to be told how to do their job

When design-illiterate executives get involved in the design process, it’s never a good thing. Designers often face this unavoidable scenario; various individuals wanting to contribute their two cents’ worth in the design process.