Advertisers tease us with their Super Bowl 50 ads

In anticipation of the big game, many advertisers have started to tease us with their commercials. Hey, they’ve spent a minimum of $5 Million US for a measly 30 seconds of air time. Laugh or cry, here’s a few of the ads that you’ll see on Super Bowl Sunday.

Budweiser Super Bowl 50 ad

Budweiser has had a long history of advertising at the Super Bowl, dating back to 1986, and in the past has featured its iconic Clydesdale horses alongside puppies. This year, the beer company has gone for a feisty anti-drunk driving speech delivered by Helen Mirren.

Snickers Super Bowl 50 ad

Snickers has teamed up with BBDO New York to create its Super Bowl ad that pays homage to American icon Marilyn Monroe. The 30-second clip imagines a famished Marilyn Monroe, played by actor Willem Dafoe, filming her famous skirt-blowing-over-a-subway-grate scene from 1955 film The Seven Year Itch.

Heinz Super Bowl 50 ad

Heinz has released a melodramatic advertisement featuring dozens of wiener dogs bounding across a meadow towards people dressed as condiments. An instant hit for dog lovers out there.

Audi Super Bowl 50 ad

Surrounded by memories of the Space Age’s golden years, a retired astronaut has lost his zeal for life. But when his son shows up and hands over the keys to the new 205-mph Audi R8 V10 plus, a rocket ride under the stars stirs newfound life within the Commander.

Kia Super Bowl 50 ad

To create this campaign Kia partnered with acclaimed actor Christopher Walken and the lifestyle apparel brand, Stance, for the featured pizzazz socks. In signature style, Walken explains the dangers of the beige sock mentality and introduces drivers to the exciting new Optima.

Hyundai Super Bowl 50 ad

As a tease to these commercials, I previously posted this ad for Hyundai featuring Ryan Reynolds. Hyundai’s ‘Ryanville’ is based on the premise that Ryan Reynolds has sex appeal so powerful that he can distract any woman. The Hyundai Elantra positions itself as “a car that doesn’t get distracted.”

These are just a sample of the many commercials that you can watch during the upcoming Super Bowl 50. After all, most of us don’t even bother with the football game – it’s all about the commercials.

Daniel is an Art Director and Graphic Designer with over a decade of experience in advertising and marketing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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