PANTONE Café has foods inspired by various hues

The impressive range of PANTONE colours lend themselves to all sorts of applications that go beyond just graphic design. They’re found in hair styles, fashion, and they’re especially engaging when it comes to food. So if nothing brings you joy like the perfect colour co-ordination, it…

Rainbow food trend reaches sushi

In a world where foods trend all the time, its hard to keep up with what the coolest thing is. The rainbow food trend has recently taken over. It has cast all the regular, beige food we held dear aside, making brightly coloured foods the only acceptable things…

Edible nail polish is finger lickin’ good

If you’re a fan of KFC chicken, then you’ll want to keep reading. While some fast food restaurants try to push the boundaries with spicy burgers or chicken fries, KFC has taken things to a whole new level.

The newest food trend mashup: Sushi Burgers

We love to eat. We love to discover and experience new foods and flavours. To do this, we constantly create new food mashups, like churro ice cream sandwiches or even mac and cheese meatball sandwiches. However, the newest food trend mashup comes with a Japanese twist.

Creative fashion illustrations completed using food items

For those who like to play with their food, you might want to check out the works of Armenian illustrator Edgar Artis. Edgar takes his creative fashion illustrations and uses food to complete his sketches.

Traditional wedding food enjoyed around the world

While the happy couple’s big day is supposed to be all about them, no wedding celebration is truly complete without an array of tasty wedding food. 

Need a sugar fix? How about a doughnut ice cream cone

Move over cronut, this latest edition to food porn comes from Prague, Czech Republic. The trdelník chimney doughnut ice cream cone is filled with soft-serve and sold at Good Food Coffee and Bakery.

Next-gen disposable utensils: The Edible Spoon Maker

This device—which looks like a waffle maker—cooks edible spoons with several different types of dough inside its spoon-shaped moulds.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fried Nutella ice cream ball

Nutella is quickly growing in popularity, with new recipes being invented for it all the time. For those who are new to fried ice cream, the idea of a grapefruit-sized ball of Nutella and vanilla fried ice cream adorned with crushed Maltesers is intriguing and…

Still cooking the same meals? Shake up your routine with Foodie Dice

If traditional cooking leaves you feeling uninspired in the kitchen, these Foodie Dice will help get your creative juices flowing.

Save dinner with this handy Kitchen First Aid Kit poster

Cooking dinner can be an intimidating task, whether you’re single and on your own. But it’s also an invaluable skill to have. And while cooking at home not only saves your wallet, but it can also make a difference in your waistline.

The ultimate global hot dog style guide

A summer food staple, hot dogs are cheap, delicious and they can be dressed up or dressed down with little to no effort. And while America has its fair share of variations on the hot dog, there’s an entire world of hot dog style to consider.